Praying for Hannah this year

By Jane Osoro

March is Endometriosis month. I don’t want to make this an article about scientific and technical terms, and yet, for the woman seeking for fertility treatment these huge words and abbreviations are not just letters, but a pain, a lifestyle. Endometriosis, Adenomyosis PCOS, HSG, IUI,IVF.

Fertility issues are close to my heart because of my own experience. What tugs my heart in particular is what is not seen from outside, the story behind the outward appearance and the words said.

 My musings and wonderings this month have been around what the women in the Bible might have had that caused them not to conceive. Beyond the words “she could not bare children..” or “she was without child..” or “she was barren..,”  and  “The Lord had closed her womb…”  Did Hannah have excruciating pain every month, was it a simple case of “blocked tubes”, or was it endometriosis.  Did Sarah seek out a herbal remedy to balance out her hormones? Yes they probably understood God’s part in “closing and opening wombs”,  but what specific prayers did they cry out every month to God. They are probably quite similar to today’s Hannahs and Sarahs. The things that drive us from within to remain at the Lords feet in asking and waiting cross the ages. The emotional highs and lows would be well understood by any woman across the centuries.

In this day and age there is so much for Hannah to be grateful for… The level of  rejection and shunning by society has decreased greatly, but not all prejudice has been eliminated yet. The medical advancements though bringing us a whole slew of unpronounceable words, has made it possible for us to know what is wrong and God has used them as an avenue to bring hope in seemingly impossible situations.

So when today’s Hannah, who knows the Lord looks at her situation she is filled with great despair at her situation, but also she is filled with  great hope and gratefulness as she sees God’s working in her personal life and in that of  the situation as a whole.

So this year we continue praying for Hannah. Ask the Lord to help you hear beyond the words. Pray for her to heal from the physical pain she may be having monthly or on an on going basis. Pray that any medication/hormonal treatment the doctors put her on will not do more damage than help. Pray that her social and work life will not be disrupted by the condition of her body, mind and emotions. Pray for Grace, that however long this journey will be, Hannah will not despair and when it is tough, that like David she will still be able to encourage herself in the lord. Pray that the medical world will continue to advance and more effective, less invasive and less disruptive treatment will be developed. Pray that the doctors will continue to see the person and not just the statistic/disease. Pray and thank God for organizations that are there to walk with and support Hanna. Thank God for His hand in her life, and that His power in all this has not been diminished. Thank God for the many Hannahs who now hold children in their arms.

In Issue 5 of rubies magazine (coming end of march), in her story we will have a mordern day Hannah share her story. Look out for that.

And to Hanna reading this. Even now even today He is still God, not even now is He defeated…

1 Samuel 1: 10 In her deep anguish Hannah prayed to the Lord…

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