Waiting: Isabella’s Story

By Isabella Chirchir

In this day and age, we want everything fast. We are impatient and don’t want to wait at all, but at times we are made to put a little brake on somethings and wait. When we go to the bank, post office, government institutions, we have to wait to be served. I had my share of waiting to be served and I am still waiting for some of my dreams and heart’s desires to be manifested.

During my years of study I had to do a lot of waiting to graduate. After writing my matric exams (O level/form four equivalent), I had to wait to graduate as we had to re-write two subjects.  The exam papers had been stolen. That meant I had to delay my studies. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I went on to further my studies but ended up waiting as I had to repeat my honours degree after a year. Through all this God was faithful and both years were fully paid for. I had favour with God and men, and I not only got a full scholarship providing for my needs but also a fully paid study leave.

I finally got my honours degree after the second attempt. After a few years, I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Applied Geology. I completed the course work over a two-year period with no delay but had to wait to graduate as I couldn’t finish my research project in time due to medical reasons. A year later, I submitted my thesis, but had to re-do some work on the research. That meant that I could not graduate in the intended time. After 6 months, I re-submitted the thesis and thank God I came through with flying colours. As I’m writing this piece I’m waiting to graduate soon.

On a personal level, I had to wait to get married and got married at the age of 40. In my own human mind, I was running out of time, but God is never late and He is always on time. In His own time, he provided me with the best gift ever, my husband of four years and counting. After two years of being married, we got pregnant and I could not wait to be a mother. Unfortunately, it was not the time as we had a miscarriage in the first trimester. I was devastated but knew God is still faithful and in His right time I will be a mother. We have been married for four years now and still waiting for the fruit of the womb. Yes, we are seeking the help of doctors to determine the cause  even as we trust and wait on God.

Through all this my life has never been stagnant. I continue serving God and serving in church. I continue advancing in the career path God has given me. I have never been bitter or lost hope, but I keep pushing forward and trusting God. I was and am determined, that with God by my side all things are possible. I am waiting on God and my eyes are fixed on Him.

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