Two cries, heard by their maker

By Cecilia Atong

Proverbs 11:30- the fruit of the righteous is a tree of life and the one who is wise saves lives.

“Lord, Lord! Why have you forsaken me?” This had become a statement she had grown quite acquainted with. She sat by the road, gently rubbing her protruding belly, tears streaming down her cheeks and feeling alone. She prayed earnestly to the God she had grown to love and depend on. But He seemed like He was miles away. She cried for hours letting tears soak her shirt and releasing all the pent up anger she was feeling.

Diana, beautiful beautiful Diana, was hurt, She tried to find comfort from everyone but it only seemed to add on to her pain. Her family had asked her to execute an abomination. Her fiancé- Willis had left her. Her best friend was gradually drifting from her. She was physically violated and her heart, stabbed multiple times and the only person she could turn to was Jesus, and he was nowhere to be found. “Lord,Lord. Why have you forsaken me?”

Diana was a beautiful lady; thick black hair, gorgeous brown eyes, a smile that makes you stop in your tracks and a heart of an angel. She was radiant. She was like a beautiful garden, always bearing the most succulent fruit and the air around it absolutely refreshing. Diana loved the Lord, with all her heart, soul, mind and actions. She served Him and obeyed His every word. She kept His word in her heart that she may not sin against Him.
Now she flipped through her Bible sitting by the road side and it felt like this was a new book she had just picked up, not the book she had grown up reading.

Four months ago, Diana was in Bible College, in a relationship with the most handsome and godly guy in town. She had a best friend-Cathy and her parents supported each and every thing she did. She was living her best life. She always prayed saying,” How great is my God, He gives me all my hearts desires and He showers me with unconditional love. Lord, You love me and I will forever love you. Thank you for my blessings.”
Then on a fateful evening, She fell into the hands of the tempter. She was in her house, when she got a call from Willis. She blushed and picked the call with a huge smile on her face. “Hey stranger!” She said not able to hold back the excitement she was feeling. “Hey, I am outside your door, open up stranger!” Oh No! What did He mean he was outside, She was looking like a cat after being outside in the rain. She quickly brushed her hair and wore a robe to be decent. “I just hope my breath doesn’t stink!” She thought. Classic women problems.

She opens the door to let him in and he dashes inside, He was holding something behind his back. She shut the door and stood turning her back to the door. He placed his hands before him and held out a box wrapped in beautiful paper. She took it and opened it, It was chocolate. The key to her heart. A lot of chocolate. And a new Bible. Oh, I mean when a guy gives you a new Bible and not just any Bible, the really nice looking ones, you just lose it. Right, You Christian ladies?

How does this lead to the roadside and tears? Well, She sat by the road side crying to the Lord, seeking for permission to do something that She knew God was very much against. And the Lord spoke and said “ Luke 10:27 So you shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and You shall love your neighbour as you love yourself.”” Lord, How can I love you!” “John 14:15 If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”
That was it, as clear as day. She was going to do what is right by God, no matter what her parents, ex-fiancé and best friend expect her to do. They wanted her to murder! But She will not do it. “ I will obey you Lord.” The minute she said that, She felt it. She felt him or her, in her belly. She felt movement. The joy that filled her heart was beyond. The Lord had not forsaken her. The Lord was blessing her. She cried, tears of joy. “Though I walk through valleys low, I will fear no evil! When the waters are roaring, still my heart and quiet my soul. My heart will trust in you Lord. Amen.” Then it happened again, She felt it again. The baby was moving, Praise God.

A sad statement I heard, said “Christians seem to be the only army that shoot their own when they are down.” We are in a battle for the lives of the unborn, pray for the girl who came to mind when you read this story. Embrace the one you know and choose love above being right. Pick up the wounded and broken, bind up their wounds and apply the sweet salve of 1corinthians 13 love.

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