The most wonderful time of the year

By: Jane Osoro

It’s that time of the year when things slow down, there is warmth of heart all round and there is a joy you can’t escape. It is truly an infectious season of joy whether you like it or not. And I think it ought to be so. Full of celebration caring and sharing. Over the years Christmas has become very commercial and we sometimes fear to be part of the outrageous spending. But I feel this can also come at the expense of celebrating a truly worthy occasion. The birth of our saviour.

In the old testament we see God instituting feasts, some that covered a week, and the Jubilee was a whole year. These were seasons for the children of Israel to eat and be merry before God, and He delighted in it. But the church has few of these times of celebration now, times to just in thanksgiving enjoy food, fun and fellowship with family and stranger alike. So I feel the need to restore the celebration of our Lord’s birth at Christmas. Yes with wisdom, but with great generosity and joy too. God coming to earth in human form, with the intent of dying on a cross for our sins, is surely a matter of exceptional importance to celebrate. So in whichever way makes it special, look to celebrate this great joy this season.

As always make the most of every opportunity to share the gospel. Christmas is such a wonderful tool for this. Plus you will most likely have plenty of time, an excuse you have probably had all year.

Do you bake? You can bake cookies pack them attractively, attach a card that speaks of Christ’s love and salvation, and distribute to your neighbours. Organize a nyama choma night for your apartment block and as you get to know your neighbours, share the love of Christ. This family get -together just share with that auntie or uncle you have been avoiding, your reputation is of far much less importance to their soul’s destiny. Decorate your home and when curious children ask, tell them the story of Christ’s birth. And there is so much more this season offers as an opportunity for you to share the love of Christ. Also look to invite someone you would otherwise have not included in your festivities. Invite a street child to your special Sunday school party, or your neighbour who lives alone to have dinner with your family. Ask God and He will show you how in your sphere of influence you can use this season to be a witness for Him and to carry the love through the rest of the year.

May we reclaim the reason for the season, as we have Christ centred holidays.

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