The Joy of waiting


Waiting is really not a bad thing, but somehow it became so. We get angry and disturbed when things don’t happen or come as soon as we want them to.

Remember when you were a little girl and you were going on a trip the next day,there was so much excitement that came along with the time of waiting before the big day, it set the mood for the trip, and your heart swelled with incredible joy and wonder as the trip began. At the end of the day when your mother finally calmed your nerves enough to sleep, it was with a smile on your face. Or maybe it was Christmas, or the arrival of a much-loved family friend or relative.

The Excitement made us look forward and imagine how wonderful it will be, and the more we looked forward the more we got excited. And though we felt we could hardly wait, the joy of that moment to come made the wait worth it, even in the moment of waiting. We planned, we prepared, we talked in excitement of what it would be like.

So, what went wrong? A lot of the things we were looking forward to, had all the unpredictability and uncertainties that we face today, but why have we lost that excitement? So much so that sometimes when God finally answers that long-held prayer we no longer have the energy and vigour to leap for joy and have a smile on our face every night when we sleep.

It is time to restore that excitement that gives us energy to keep looking forward every day to God’s answer. To know that the longer it holds back, the sweeter the rerelease will be. To know that we are not waiting on a fellow human being with their whims, failures, and weaknesses, we are waiting on God. The everlasting, unchanging, faithful, almighty God.

So, when it gets painful in the wait, ask Him to restore the excitement that will give you the grace and endurance. When you feel it is time to give up, ask Him in His love to give you that excitement and anticipation that will restore your hope. When you feel He is no longer hearing, ask him to restore the Joy (excitement) of salvation, and renew a right spirit in you, that you may see Him once more as He truly is, your loving father.

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