Song in the night



By Jane Osoro.

God in His infinite wisdom gave us the beauty of music, to speak to our souls. It is amazing the difference a sweet tune attached to words makes. Reading the same words often doesn’t have the same effect as when they are beautifully sang. I listened to one of Louie Giglio’s sermons recently, and as he talked of God giving him songs for his darkest times, to praise through the heaviness, I began praying for my own songs in the night.

It is not uncommon for God to put a phrase or refrain from a song in my heart for a certain season. But it is beautiful to recognize that His soothing and comfort can come in the midst of the storm in the form of a song of praise to Him. Others are reminders of who He is. The psalmist often used song to remind His soul to take courage, for the God he served was all he needed at that particular time.

May God give you a song in the night, an anchor for your soul, that reminds you it is well. May your soul find rest in the arms of your loving father and redeemer. May the storm never shake the truths of who He is. And in hope ,may you rise again to in courage, face any new cloud or storm that will invade your night.

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