Praying for Hannah this year-part 2


It was a hot sunday afternoon in November, and my living room was full of 30 plus excited ladies.

It was my baby shower. And it was surreal. Not that there were that many people in my house for such an event, it has happened many times before. But that this time everyone was here for me. I was the one sitting on the “special seat”. In fact when I first got in, (the suprise element was slightly ruined afew seconds to me coming in-story for another day), my first instinct was to make sure everyone was ok, that those in the kitchen had what they needed, etc. The whole time I kept marvelling that it was me.

God has answered our prayer, and as I type this, our two month old daughter is sleeping next to me, smiling in her dreams. Yesterday we heard her first laugh, and it made my heart feel something it had never felt before.

Seven years, five doctors, hundreds of hospital hours, tens of injections, countless prayers of our own and loved ones later, here is our Samuel. The days of wondering if it will ever happen, and the oceans of tears that filled my eyes seem like a fleeting moment in a half remembered dream. To say God has been good is an understatement, to say He is faithful is true, but the words don’t quite capture it all. Infact I am struggling to write this first part of the article because the words don’t seem quite adequate to capture the previous agony and the present rest.

But even in my joy, I remember that there is still a Hannah out there whose dream is yet to be fulfilled. And so this year we continue praying for the Hannahs in our lives. The woman who has yet to hear the diagnosis, the one going for another round of treatment. The one experiencing pregnacy like symptoms only to discover it is a reaction to the medication she is on. The one who feels no connection with her doctor but pushes on cause they are “the best”. The one who conceived and lost, and now carries two weights on her shoulder. The ones who are in constant physical pain. The ones who still hope, and more so the ones who have lost all hope.

The beauty of having our baby girl has not simply been her, but the faith and the testimonies she has brought with her arrival. It had been so precious to me to hear so many of my friends tell me specific moments or incidents when they prayed for me and thus how significant baby being here has been. so please don’t stop praying for the Hannah in your life, and if you are a Hannah, please don’t give up asking that one or two faithful friends to pray with you about the many things that come up along this journey. For the God who answered the pryayers of my friend who always prayed whenever she was feeding her own baby, or the one who prayed for me as we went to hospital for the birth of her own child, or the one who prayed as she held her child and kept the dress her child was wearing at the time in faith that my baby would wear it, or the one who prayed that I conceive before her and the next day I was at her house to tell her I was craving her food and that I was pregnant, or the one who woke early to pray and recorded it in her journal only to discover her prayer had already been answered, and the one who dreamt I was pregnant and it was true,and so so many more. This God will answer the prayers of your army too. And if you feel alone ask the Lord to raise an army to pray for you He is faithful and will raise people after his own heart who sincerely love you. And if you feel truly alone get in touch with me, it would be a joy to pray for you. (Janeosoro@rubiesmagazine.co.ke)

In all this we don’t forget the Elkanahs. Seeing my husband with his daughter has been another joy that my heart has happily learned. As we pray for Hannah, never forget to pray for her husband who is walking this journey with her.

And finally to all the Hannahs whose prayers have been answered, testify my sister, testify to this goodness of the Lord.

By Jane Osoro
(AKA mama Jael)

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