Hannah’s Sister: Waiting with her

By Jane Osoro


I recently read an article from a lady struggling with infertility. She wrote on behalf of other women like her on what they wish they could say to those around them. Here is  my version,  how you can be a true sister to your friend who is still waiting to have a little one of her own. Continue reading “Hannah’s Sister: Waiting with her”


The Joy of waiting


Waiting is really not a bad thing, but somehow it became so. We get angry and disturbed when things don’t happen or come as soon as we want them to.

Remember when you were a little girl and you were going on a trip the next day,there was so much excitement that came along with the time of waiting before the big day, it set the mood for the trip, and your heart swelled with incredible joy and wonder as the trip began. Continue reading “The Joy of waiting”


Waiting: Isabella’s Story

By Isabella Chirchir

In this day and age, we want everything fast. We are impatient and don’t want to wait at all, but at times we are made to put a little brake on somethings and wait. When we go to the bank, post office, government institutions, we have to wait to be served. I had my share of waiting to be served and I am still waiting for some of my dreams and heart’s desires to be manifested. Continue reading “Waiting: Isabella’s Story”