In the pause…

By: Jane Osoro

We live in the age of information, if you are online and on social media, you are literary on the information freeway. New material is being churned out per second, and to keep abreast you need to be online almost constantly. The colours, sights, sounds draw us in, creating an ever increasing appetite for our minds to be engaged. The more entertaining, the better, the less thought provoking the better. Chew it and churn it for me to consume. That’s on the consumer end.

For a content producer like ourselves at Rubies, the pressure is not to lose the interest of the reader/viewer. We have not posted videos in a while and the pressure I feel personally and from my social media department is heavy. We have chosen to be in this industry and so it would be foolish for us to ignore the very real dynamics. However…

There’s got to be more for us as individuals and for the Christian living in this day and age. For above and beyond what I know and have awareness of, has it drawn me closer to God and made me more Christ like. Or am I “puffed up” as the Bible would put it. For you see, not all I am consuming may be garbage, I may be constantly on Christian websites, and apps. But if all my knowledge does not translate to me being more like Him who I am called after, I need to take a pause. To shut it all down and directly connect to Christ again.

I have been thinking about the pauses in my life. The times there never seemed to be much going on in my life. When I was jobless and crying out to the Lord, when I was single and asking the Lord for a partner, and the many other pauses. In these seasons I had more time to abide, to linger and to dwell, with the Lord. Poring over scripture and spending hours in prayer and meditation. The lessons I learned there and the relationship I built with the Lord then have been precious guidelines and foundations for when the answer to prayer came. When things have been tough I have not sunk to unrecoverable depths because of the God I came to know in the pauses. He truly rewards those who diligently seek Him. And it’s beyond the answer to the direct needs, it’s Him.

So I am unafraid of the pause, it comes as a rest, a refreshing, a time to fill up to pour out again from the Spirit and not from self. Worry not that Rubies has gone silent, when we come back from the pause it will be God’s perfect timing. Take a pause too. Step aside from the information highway. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to post that photo, you don’t have to like that, or watch that, you don’t have to comment. No you will not be out of touch, in fact you will be truly connected Pause, and let your soul soak what will last for a life time, soak what is for sure not a temporary high. Then when you step back in, it will be as salt and light, as a beacon on the freeway, rather than just being one of the millions of dots of light zooming by. A stream of lights following mindlessly, a leader they know not who. Conforming.

In the Rubies pause, go through an article or magazine issue again, watch that video once more. What is God calling you to pause on, and meditate on, to seek Him about, to trust Him about. It’s not always about the latest and new, it’s about the lasting truths. It’s about living love and truth.

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