Heart of worship

by; Cecilia Atong

I sat on my couch one Wednesday afternoon, listening to music and letting it seep through me and move my heart in ways only music can. After a couple of songs, One song came on, “heart of worship” by Matt Redman. One of the lines struck me thus this whole article.

“I will bring you more than a song, for a song in itself is not what you have required. You search much deeper within from the way things appear. You are looking into my heart!”

So what is having a heart of worship? What does it even mean? To best explain this, I will use a King from the Bible, not just any King but a King of Israel, not just any King of Israel but a King named Ahab – I know you thought it would be David… King Ahab once in his life shows us what the heart of worship looks like.

The Bible describes King Ahab as the most vile of kings in all of Israel. God says he was evil beyond measure, he was more wicked than anyone who lived before him. But still Ahab knew how to have a heart of worship.

It all started when God sent a prophet out to tell Ahab that he and his whole generation would be wiped out, Not one would be spared, God even says that His slaves will also be killed. When I read that, I screamed, “Finally! God is serving a big bowl of justice!” Am I the only one who got excited?

When Ahab heard this, he knew exactly what to do, he went back to the heart of worship. The Bible says that Ahab went home, put on sackcloth and repented, and was in deep humility.

Dear Reader you may not understand the magnitude of Ahab’s actions but You will when you see God’s reaction. God had mercy on him, God had mercy on this vile, wicked, evil king and forgave him and chose not to wipe Him out.

That right there is the heart of worship, deep humility, that God can see and pours out his mercy. Even though Ahab continued in sin, but dear reader, let us learn from Ahab and not do what he did. The Bible calls all of us vile and wicked and Christ came and poured out his mercy instead of serving a big bowl of justice. And still to date, His mercies are new every morning.

Dear reader, let us humble ourselves before God, deeply humble ourselves. It’s the heart of worship, God loves humility. My point is, God doesn’t look to what is on the outside, He searches much deeper within and  awards what happens in secret. I have personally resolved to pray constantly to God to humble me.

I pray for you as well, Go back to the heart of worship.Be humble.

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