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By : Jane Osoro

Some courteous people are not Christians, but all Christians should be courteous. -Louise Kimberly Harrison

Today I found myself having to open an account at a bank I had  left 10 years ago. One of the reasons I had left was congested banking halls, rude staff and most of all very un-courteous  clients. Today it was not as crowded as I remember, and the staff members were friendly and knowledgeable.However twice I shook my head as my fellow customers skipped the que ahead of me. And as I stood there willing myself to let it go, I wondered why it is not any different among the sons and daughters of God.

Why is courtesy important to a believer? Because it talks to the state of our hearts, most importantly it points to how selfless you are. why is selflessness important? Aren’t we supposed to love ourselves first?

Christ exemplifies selflessness, and we follow suit in our everyday lives as His disciples. Christ left a glory and Kingdom incomparable to anything on earth, and came to live among us so we may have life everlasting. He died for us, and no ordinary “easy” death, but death by crucifixion.  What does it call of me then in everyday life. It calls for a conscious “you first” attitude. whether it be about going through doors, waiting patiently in line,  serving food with those behind me in mind, giving up career goals and fast deals for the sake of spouse or children. Giving up the better chair to someone else. Moving from our physical comfort zones so many know and hear the love of God.

Courtesy has so many facets, and another important one is saying thank you. I believe in over thanking people. say thank you, and then send a card. Say thank you after a diner then send your host a text to say you arrived safely and appreciate them again for their hospitality. And God should be at the top of that thank you list.

Be mindful of others even in the crowded streets of our cities and the crowded streets of our minds. Let the Holy Spirit nudge you towards caring for others more than yourself. Honouring their time above yours.

Philippians 2:3-4 summarises it perfectly, ” Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others.”

May humility overcome my selfishness and produce courtesy. Love in action.

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